Re: Solidarity – Supporting the Strike from your Inbox

STUDENTS TAKE NOTE: your lecturers and tutors need your support.

Useful Nuisance

Following on from the 31st of October, union members in higher education are working to rule, with a further strike announced for the 3rd of December. October’s strike for fair pay for university workers attracted much greater support from students and their unions than in recent years, though some students did cite the rise in the tuition fee cap as conscious reason for crossing picket lines.

During my degree, my mental health (and before that a complete absence of class politics) limited my practical solidarity to interventions at SU meetings, and supportive conversations with staff and fellow students. With that in mind (and on the understanding that those who can afford to should do more), here are some suggestions I wish I’d received for supporting industrial action from the relative safety of my inbox.

Note: Generic tactics are not a substitute for working directly with your campus unions. If…

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