A Representative Sample of Search Terms That Got People to My Blog

People Who Were Looking for me

yetanotherlefty blog
yetanotherlefty wordpress
yetanotherleftie wordpress liam

I suggest you read: erm, anything on here, you found me! Maybe try my About Page?
People Who Wanted Information About Issy Stapleton

Issy Stapleton
Issy Stapleton
Issy Stapleton
Issy Stapleton
Issy Stapleton
Issy Stapleton
Issy Stapleton
Issy Stapleton
Issy Stapleton
Issy Stapleton
issy autism uk
issy stapleton
Kelli Stapleton’s blog

My post on how to prevent yourself / your child becoming the next Issy is here and my open letter to Issy is here.

People Asking About Autism

what is autism acceptance day
“autism acceptance day”
do autistic people lip read
is autism painful
autism vegan

I’ve written a fair few posts on autism but I suggest you head over to The Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism, The Autism Positivity Project and/or Autistic Hoya.

People Asking About PTSD

who disclose ptsd
who disclose ptsd
how to make someone with ptsd feel safe
do not disclose ptsd

I wrote these posts on PTSD, one on why I don’t talk about “what happened” and the other on trigger warnings and activist spaces.

People Looking For Flavia Dzodan
what are feminists of color writing about intersectionality and human rights today?

flavia dzodan intersectionality

flavia dzodan intersectionality

Please, please go and read Flavia’s own writing not just my reports of it! She can be found on her blog here.

People Searching Desperately For Useful Information About British Disability Benefit Payments

who has been awarded pip
fibromyalgia and i got pip payment
has pip been awarded for anyone with mental health illness
pib benefit claims for fibromyalgia
ive applied for pip and not heard anything
has anyone with mental ill health been awarded pip
iv been awarded p.i.p
fibro pip 2014
dla how much do you get autism
iv,e been awarded pip
i put in for pip payments in november 18th and haven’t heard anything
dwp and fibromyalgia
fibro new pip
i’ve been awarded p i p but been took off e s a
if you try to kill yourself are you elligable for disability
how to fill in pip form for fibromyalgia
pip and fibromyalgia
how complete form pip/ mental health
dla pip benefit for ptsd

A thing that must be noted about these benefits related search terms is that are all from the last ten weeks. They all relate to this post of mine about my own journey within the DWP system. You’re not alone. This *is* hard and there are massive unexplained delays. I can be reached on twitter (I’m @autistliam) to offer solidarity, virtual hugs and a bit of support and advice but mainly all I can say is you’re not alone, there are thousands of us and together we’ll get through this because there is no other choice.

Other less common searches included people wanting information on mental illness and vegetarianism, questions about fibromyalgia, a few searches for LGBTQ and religion and some slightly bizarre searches for “trans people who don’t look trans” and “trans person who works in a coffee shop”.

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