Bisexual Visibility Day 2014

Happy Bisexual Visibility Day everyone!

I’m bi, so are tonnes of other people. There’s quite possibly more of us than there are straight people. There are definitely more of us than there are gay or lesbian people. Basically, we’re every-fucking-where.

So why do we need a Visibility Day / Week at all? Because everyone from our friends and family to states and governments to researchers and charities tends to treat us as though we don’t really exist. As though we are sometimes gay/lesbian and sometimes straight. Never bi. Or as though we’re “really” straight or “really” gay/lesbian. Never bi.

We need the space and time each year to say no to that. We ARE bi. No matter who our partners are. No matter which genders of people we have dated or had sex with so far. Whether we’ve had loads of sex and relationships or none. We are bi. We are here, we’ve always been here and we’re not going away.

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