Second Blog-iversary!

It’s that time of year again!

I have successfully been writing about “Stuff” here for two whole (secular) years since that one time my friend suddenly became vegan and kept upsetting herself by expecting to just 100% manage it off the bat. Since then there’s been another 80 posts, some of which have been viewed thousands of times (thanks tumblr!).

I’ve been asking around for people’s favourite / most memorable post on YetAnotherLefty and here’s a top ten:

1. Things They Don’t Tell You About Living with Chronic Physical and Mental Illness

2. Does Being Trans Ruin ur Life  

3. I Could “Pick A Side”… but I Won’t

4. We Are Not Your Collateral Damage

5. Whose Gender Is It Anyway?

6. What Does “Depressed” Look Like?

7. Thinking of Quitting Your Degree?

8. No One Owes You Friendship

9. To My Fellow Men, With Love

10. Whiteness and Racism, Parts 1 and 2

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