A Personal Note

Dear readers,
I realise that this blog has been unusually quiet and devoid of content lately and for that I apologise. There are a number of half-written posts sitting in drafts and a few more inside my head trying to get me to write them.

As you all know, I have severe depression and PTSD. I’ve been living with both of these conditions for many years and sometimes I’m temporarily more ill than usual. This month is one of those times. Winter is not good for my brain and trying to live with my brain has been eating a lot of energy that might otherwise have gone into posts.

I love blogging and I hope you love reading what I have to say. Mental illness is sometimes very disabling but writing about it (as well as other things!) here reminds me that I am not alone with this.

I am receiving appropriate medical care for my mental illness and it’s going well and I’m making(slow, painful) progress. Please don’t worry about me!

I hope to have more posts up soon!


YetAnotherLefty / Liam D


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