Gender recognition, some basic demands

There is little I could add to this beyond READ THIS and DEMAND NOTHING LESS. Reblogging here in the hopes of giving this a wider audience.

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The UK government are all over the place on gender recognition at the moment, one day proposing removing the gender marker from passports and driving licences and the next calling for self determination of legal gender but without recognition for non binary people.

I think it’s useful, at this point, to have a set of demands against which we can measure any proposals and use to push for more from them. Here’s my list of what needs to be in a new gender recognition act, at the very least.

Fast, simple, self determination of legal gender for all people.

This means that you should be able to have your gender changed on all documentation, including your birth certificate(and adoption certificates), simply by completing and returning a (free) form, or through a deed poll like system.

Ireland and many other countries already offer systems like this, and it’s not an…

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