Summer Guest Posts!

Hi everyone,

I realise that it’s been unusually quiet around here lately and the blame for that lies with DWP induced mental illness symptoms.  I know that they want to reassess me for ESA and they have lost the form in the post on the way to me.. Twice.

Anyway, there’s a couple of posts I’m working on and I also wanted to announce that from this summer Yetanotherlefty will be hosting guestposts in June, July and August. And hopefully also continuing to host 1 to 3 posts written by me a month.

I’ve offered guest post slots to friends and to people I barely know. I’m particularly keen to host for people who have no blog of their own or who need anonymity to talk about a particular issue that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to discuss.

If you read Yetanotherlefty or know me in person and/or online and you have a proposal for a guest post, contact me.

I’m particularly but not exclusively looking for UK based people who experience intersecting oppressions. People of colour, trans people and people under 19 or over 40 are particularly welcome.