Another Work Capacity Assessment 

I’ve got a WCA this week.

I’m flipping rapidly from panic to despair to calm and back again to panic. Because I should get the right result but the consequences of the wrong result are unthinkable.

Astute readers will recall that I very recently had a WCA – less than a month ago. That one was cancelled ten minutes into the assessment because I have a condition that only a Doctor is allowed to assess and the assessment company had booked me in with a Nurse. The DWP or the assessment company or someone had lost so much of my information as to lose half of my conditions from my file.

The reaction of the staff at the assessment centre suggested that this was not an unusual event.

So now I have a work capacity assessment this week.


3 thoughts on “Another Work Capacity Assessment 

  1. There are conditions that only doctors are allowed to assess? Do you have any links to info about this? (Oh also I just found myself on your blogroll, can you update it to this account please 🙂 )

    • I found this out solely through finding myself in this situation (apparently dyspraxia needs a doctor but hypermobility and autism do not?). I’d heard rumours of there being *some* rules about what kind of health care professional they give you but I also hear about people with depression getting assessed by physiotherapists…

      • That seems….odd, considering the impact of autism and hypermobility disorders can be far greater. Anyway, I have mental health problems and EDS, and I’ve been assessed so far by a mental health nurse and a physiotherapist.

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