OMG I Got A New Wheelchair

My quest to get a new and actually usable wheelchair from the NHS failed – they wanted to give me another big, heavy chair that I couldn’t use independently. If I’d taken that chair, I’d still be unable to go anywhere without very flat level floors – like anywhere OUTSIDE – without taking another person with me to push me over curbs and take over when my arms got tired.

But the title of this post is that I GOT A WHEELCHAIR and I have! I’ve mostly had to pay for it myself and that’s taken pretty much all of my emergency money. I just couldn’t face months of trying to convince the NHS to give me a chair I could actually use or having to take the chair they were offering and then go back when it didn’t help. Staying inside and only going out with my partner was really harming my mental health and putting unwanted pressure on our relationship. He is an excellent partner and I love him but he’s disabled too and he isn’t always well enough to push me or to go out.
So in a couple of weeks I’ll have a wheelchair.

It’s a Quickie Helium* and it weighs less than a six month old baby. I tried it out in a shop and spent over an hour in it. I’m getting some adaptions including a specialised backrest and a pressure relieving cushion because my back and hips are misaligned and my back muscles are very weak – with these adaptions I can sit up straight with my hips at the back of the chair and be fully supported to remain sitting up comfortably. This is going to make a HUGE positive difference to my life.

I’ve become mostly housebound and almost entirely restricted to one postcode. My present circumstances and current wheelchair essentially trapping me to a half mile radius around any given local bus stop.

I’ve a couple of t shirt campaigns going on Bonfire right now. One is for a tshirt that says “CYBORG” on it and the other a tshirt that says “Nobody Knows I’m A Mermaid”  and I’d like it if you went to check them out. Both T shirts are to fund other accessibility things I’ll need once I have my new wheelchair. The bulk of any money I make will be spent on a three hour one to one wheelchair skills class from Freedom Wheelchair Skills. I’ve had basic wheelchair skills training before, provided free by a local charity but that was a) in my old heavy wheelchair and b) really just the basics. I want to both learn how best to transfer existing skills to a chair half the weight and with a different centre of balance and learn new skills that I haven’t already got.

Any excess money will go towards paying for:

Links marked with a * are affliate links to Complete Care Shop* – I get paid a small cut if you buy anything from them after following one of these links. It doesn’t have to be the exact product I’m linking to, if you buy anything from them via here I get money – which I’m also planning to use to buy the items I listed above!

If you know me IRL and would like to help, please ask for my Paypal or Amazon Wishlist as other ways you can help.

I hate asking for help at the best of times but right now the DWP stopped my ESA and I just had to buy a wheelchair so I am just going to have to ask for and accept help.