Sharing Policy

Policy effective from 15 th April 2014 onwards, may be changed or updated as needed.

People keep asking me if they can share links to posts from this blog. The short answer is: YES, PLEASE DO.

The slightly longer answer is:
Sharing on twitter: Please ALWAYS attribute by adding my twitter handle @autistliam or the blog’s twitter handle @yetanotherlefty to your tweet so people can talk to me about what they read.

Sharing on facebook: Please attribute by tagging me if you know me, no worries if you don’t. HOWEVER if you know me and it’s a post about trans stuff, please DON’T tag me. I’m very out as trans but I don’t especially want to be outed to your entire extended friend group even if they really need to hear what I had to say.

Re-blogging: please do so but please make it as obvious as possible that it is a re-blog and you didn’t write it. Make sure to clearly attribute “yetanotherlefty” or “Liam at yetanotherlefty”.

Printing out for physical use such as in a classroom, quoting in parliament, quoting in newspapers etc etc: All these have already happened which is great, please contact me here or on twitter to ask permission and I’ll almost certainly say yes.

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